Arrested Development Graphic Lines Up All Of The Recurring Jokes

The thing about Arrested Development is that a lot of the humor builds on itself, with inside jokes that are introduced and repeated at various times throughout the series. Fans of the comedy are well aware of the many recurring jokes in the series. From Lucille's racist comments to name-confusion involving "Annyong" and the infamous Bluth family Cornballer. To know Arrested Development is to love it. But knowing it well can be a challenge when trying to keep track of all of those recurring jokes.

Over at, all of the recurring jokes from the series have been laid out on the left side, while the series' episode list is stacked up on the right side. Clicking a joke will point you to every episode in which that joke is referenced, with a helpful line and some elaboration when necessary. Click an episode and see all of the jokes referenced in it, as well as a "You Might Not Have Noticed" section to point out little tidbits you may not have spotted in that episode. It also lists the cameos for that episode. A little dot will appear on the end of one line or the other when there's an added note or quote to explain the joke in further detail.

Among the jokes referenced: "No touching!" (often shouted in the visiting room at the prison where George Sr. was incarcerated), the Stair car, which was Michael's mode of transportation and all that was left of the Bluth family jet. And Tobias' nevernude condition. There are literally dozens of nevernudes out there, and close to a dozen episodes in which that joke is referenced. The graphic is brilliantly organized and from what I can tell, does a pretty fantastic job of catching even the faintest of references to each of the listed shows.

I'm sure we're all expecting at least some of these recurring jokes to be referenced at some point in the series' fourth season, which debuts in a little over a week on Netflix. We've been keeping track of the updates and promotional content for AD's return here. Season 4 premieres May 26 on Netflix.

Kelly West
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