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Most of Mitchell Hurwitz’ credits involve writing, including his series Arrested Development, but he’s been known to drop by a TV series here and there for a little guest appearance. He guest starred on Comedy Central’s Workaholics back in 2011 — the stars of the show in turn cameoed in Arrested Development’s fourth season this year — and Hurwitz appeared in Kroll Show this year. Coming next year, we’ll see him in an episode of Community.

TVLine reports that Hurwitz is set to guest star in an episode of Community’s upcoming fifth season. His character is described as both a ladies man and a guy’s guy, “Hurwitz’s alter ego Preston Koogler is ‘Greendale Community College’s ultimate party animal.’” He sounds like fun already, unless you’re an authority figure. TVLine says Koogler butts heads with any authority figure who tries to get between him and his good time. So can we assume that’ll make him an automatic rival to Dean Pelton? What about Chang? If he finds himself back on security duty, he’d also probably fall into the rival category for Hurwitz’s character. Regardless of who his rivals are, Greendale Community College is due for a party animal, and it sounds like Hurwitz will fit the bill.


If you were paying close attention to the second episode of Season 4 of Arrested Development, you may have spotted Community creator Dan Harmon’s very brief cameo as the Yurt clerk who does a quick deal with George Bluth Sr. when he was setting up his sweat lodge out in the desert. It seems like Harmon’s repaying the favor by bringing Hurwitz in and giving him a role to play in his own (reclaimed) beloved TV comedy.

We learned earlier this month that Community Season 5 will premiere January 2 with back to back episodes, returning to its Thursday night 8:00 p.m. timeslot. Hurwitz isn’t the only notable guest star lined up to appear in the NBC series. Also on board to put in a bit of face time is Captain Mal/Hammer/Tight-pants himself, Nathan Fillion, Rob Corddry and Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks.

If you’re more familiar with Mitch Hurwitz’s writing than you are with his face, here’s a look at him for his guest spot on Workaholics a couple of years back:

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