Warning: spoilers for Season 4 of Arrow ahead.

The long-awaited Flarrow crossover has finally aired, and it left us with just about as many questions as answers. Plenty happened to help set up spinoff Legends of Tomorrow and the plot for the rest of the second season of The Flash, but the biggest development on the Arrow front was all about characters, as Oliver finally learned what the audience has known since way back in Season 2: he has a kid.

All things considered, there’s never really a good time for a man to learn by happenstance that his ill-advised one night stand of a decade ago resulted in a baby that was definitely not miscarried, but the timing really couldn’t be much worse for Oliver Queen. His decision to agree to Samantha’s terms to keep the existence of little William secret from everybody could have some major consequences for the future of the show. Here are 3 huge ways that the baby mama drama could change everything.

A New Target For Damien Darhk
One of the biggest questions that has been hanging over Arrow in Season 4 is just who will be the big death from the flashforward. Now that Oliver has a kid in the mix and a history of secrets coming out in the most inconvenient ways, bad guy extraordinaire Damien Darhk may soon discover a major weak spot for mayoral candidate Oliver Queen.

Oliver has proven himself capable of focusing on the big picture of a mission, but there are uncrossable lines for Oliver even in his most ruthless vigilante mode, and continuing to oppose Damien Darhk if William is in his crosshairs is one that he wouldn’t cross lightly. Kids on action shows practically exist to be kidnapped and/or menaced, and the flashforward indicates that William may be in very real danger.

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