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Arrow Reveals Roy Harper's Rosy New Look As Arsenal


Who’d have thought that an event like Comic-Con 2014 would bring about comic-related news? In fact, I’m sure there’s a whole arsenal of news weaponry that… Yeah, so speaking of Arsenal, we now have our first clear look at the DC comic hero’s updated costume as it will appear in Season 3 of the CW’s Arrow. In case you guys thought alter ego Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) would have a change of heart about his color of choice, don’t worry. He’s redder than Slade Wilson’s blood.

Arsenal is sticking with the red hoodie attire that has worked so well for these guys in the past, although this one looks like it’s ready for some wear and tear. It’s no Batsuit, of course, but it’s a more hero-worthy outfit than the drab winter hoodie he was wearing before. The mask doesn’t seem to be drastically altered. Hopefully it’s got some kind of a gadget attachment on it somewhere. While I dig the shiny transition from red to black and the novelty of the multiple clasps, I’m wondering about all of the character's knives and other weapons. I get it if they don’t want to give him a gun like he had in some of the comics, but all we see here are a bunch of arrows. (Unless those are arrow-looking blades in his pants.)

Still, he’s probably only just transitioning into the Arsenal persona, so it’s possible he’ll take a little time to develop his weapons throughout Season 3. It’d be more interesting to watch him get used to becoming a physically-gifted fighter, logically creating weapons that serve as substitutions for his lost powers. Or…maybe he’ll just use a super-polished bow and arrow. Or maybe he’s wearing a huge backpack full of bazookas that we can’t see. I feel like I’m being taken away by the speculation train.


For those wondering where Arrow is going to go in Season 3, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently shared with EW a few details about the villain for next season. Not who it actually is or anything, but rather his similar take on life as the Arrow, and how enveloped in personal identity their antagonism will be. Can Oliver Queen and the Arrow co-exist in a world where each is making the other’s life more difficult?

Arrow premieres its Season 3 on Wednesday, October 8, preceded by the series debut of The Flash on Tuesday night. The two series will meet for what looks to be an epic crossover around eight or nine episodes in. Expect to find Arsenal and the Flash comparing red costumes.

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