Amidst the endless stories surrounding the big-screen Batwoman of Steel: Justice movie, The CW's small-screen superhero adaptation continues to deliver excellent episode after excellent episode. Arrow is doing so well in fact that its star Stephen Amell is constantly being pulled into the Warner Bros and DC Entertainment rumor mill. The actor has been clear in the past that he would obviously kill for a chance to play Oliver Queen/Green Arrow alongside Henry Cavill's Clark Kent/Superman, Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gal Gadot's Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the cinematic DCU but doesn't take kindly to his words being twisted to suggest that he's sat down for such discussions with the studio. And we've all seen what he's capable of (I mean, the salmon ladder) so Starling City ‘dickweeds’ like Brother Blood and Deathstroke aren't they only ones that should watch their step. ”Arrow
5. The Bloods
Unlike "Blast Radius" with Schrapnel causing destruction in Starling City, "Blind Spot" didn't concern itself with a villain of the week and instead focused on the second season's mid-level boss Sebastian ‘Brother’ Blood. For our heroes, however, the 'man in the skull mask' is still very much the big bad and the episode opened with the potential mayor visiting his 'Aunt' Maya at St. Walker's Hospital. Last week we learned that Maya (based on or just named after Anna 'Mother Mayhem' Resik) was actually Sebastian's mother and he, like all Brother Bloods, killed his father. And now her too. The scene reminded me a lot of Scarecrow confronting Falcone in Batman Begins except the mobster made it out of that encounter alive. The same cannot be said for Maya. Or Cyrus Gold, who keeps getting mentioned because, well, he's likely to return. Maybe on a Monday?

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