Arrow returned from its brief holiday hiatus with a renewed focus on the battle involving the season long villain and a recently revealed even bigger bad. "Blast Radius" and then "Blind Spot" not only dug deeper into the dastardly plans of the man in the skull mask and his boss in the eye-patch (or one-eyed helmet), but last week also offered one of the best installments for Katie Cassidy's Laurel since the comic-book series began. A lot of heroes hit rock bottom before (or even during, Tony Stark) the time in their respective suits and "Tremors" continued to shake things up in the (potentially former) lawyer's life with Laurel hitting the bottle and prompting the reappearance of her sister Sara in Starling City. Of course, it was a different reappearance that provided the episode with its villain of the week.

5. Bronze Tiger
The last time Ollie's Arrow ran into Michael Jai White's Ben Turner was early in the second season ("Identity") when the mercenary with Wolverine envy showed up in Starling City to aid China White in her villainous pursuits. This time Bronze Tiger is broken out of Iron Heights to help a mysterious figure named Milo Armitage (a potentially huge inclusion if it somehow leads to Connor Hawke but more likely a simple DC name-drop) who himself is working for an unnamed party from Markovia. Their name is probably Markov. Maybe Terra? The mission also brings up a lot of bad memories because of the quake machine's part in 'The Undertaking.'

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