Even though last week's Arrow was only the fourth last episode of the season, "Seeing Red" contained a few moments fit for a finale. The installment not only said goodbye to a significant character but it included an allusion to a possibly huge addition as well. And all this a month before the "Unthinkable" happens. The aforementioned and unexpected goodbye also paved the way for Starling to become a “City of Blood,” since there was no longer any need for a mayoral election. The twenty-first episode's title should have been saved for the finale, if only for symmetrical purposes since the season opened with "City of Heroes." Or the writers have it set up so the final two feel like an exciting encore. Or it's just titles and a certain reviewer has OCD. But enough about that, on to the DCU references in this week’s cliffhanger…

4. Submarine Stall Tactics
The events on Lian Yu this week were pretty far from spectacular. I'm not sure what is stalling more, the submarine or the storyline. Our group of survivors, Oliver, Sara and Anatoli Knyazev (aka KGBeast), are aboard the Japanese sub that originally carried the mirakuru and they hope to be able to get it working so they can escape from the island without having to confront Captain Slade and the crew of the Amazo. We haven't actually seen Slade or the freighter in some time but I'm guessing he's out there still fuming over the loss of/talking to the ghost of Shado. The good Dr. Ivo also gets a post-humous name drop from the 4th guy aboard the submarine - you know, the one who's pretty much just a redshirt from Star Trek - right before he sacrifices himself for the survival of the rest. I would assume he was just a throwaway character but perhaps this Peter is Scavneger? He could always resurface as a pirate, right? That would be a connection to Aquaman.

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