Whoa. Fans should probably have been expecting someone significant to bite the dust before the end of Season 2 but perhaps not this early. Arrow still has three episodes remaining before the "Unthinkable" finale and already key characters are already starting to drop. Imagine what the series has in store for the rest of the season? This won't be the last major loss before Oliver and Slade's final showdown for the safety of Starling, especially since next week is called “City of Blood.” But before his hometown runs red under the new leadership (no reason for a mayoral election now), this week ”The Man Under the Hood” was distracted trying to stop his sidekick from making it bleed. Or "Seeing Red" if you will...

3. Family
This week had quite a few DCU references, some contained in throwaway one-liners while others will have far more serious implications, especially when it comes to the Queens. The 'First Family' of Starling City had quite a week to say the least, with Moira almost abandoning her mayoral campaign for personal reasons before, well, being forced out of the race. I'm not often blindsided but I did not see that coming. Moira's death makes perfect sense for her redemption arc with the writers even slipping in mention of ”The Undertaking” (and a shot of Jean Loring during the ‘previously on’) to solidify how far she has come this season. And, of course, her final choice was made to show that, above all else, all the underhanded things Moira has done in her past, that she would do anything for her family. She definitely wasn't a hero but all the bad decisions were made to 'protect' her children, one the son the of Robert Queen and the other the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn.

Moira was even about to come clean about the latter being alive during family limo time until Slade made sure that was kept from Oliver and Speedy with a well timed crash. Hm. I'm sure Malcolm will want to check in on Thea before the season is out. The episode's flashbacks were also devoted to family and, specifically, Moira 'protecting' her children in her usual way, Lies and payoffs seem to work for a while. However, this secret isn't likely to stay buried for too long since Oliver's college fling, which results in a son, is part of the comics. That means there's a young Connor Hawke running around Central City. Rad.

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