It didn't end with a twist as shocking as the mid-season finale but “Nanda Parbat,” the de facto mid-mid-season finale, also contained quite the cliffhanger. The fifteenth episode was rather riveting and a step up from what has been a lackluster third season of Arrow. Probably had something to do with a certain someone taking flight. More on that, and the excellent installment's many other connections to the DCU, below...

Before getting to the flying, let's talk about the main storyline in "Nanda Parbat." Of course, the title refers to the location of the League of Assassins' base of operations, but the episode's action is split between there and Starling City. Nyssa, still mourning the loss of her beloved Ta-er al Sahfer, interrupts Ra's chilling in what could be the show's version of a Lazarus Pit (he does mention an encounter he had in 1864, after all) to inform him that Oliver survived the trial by combat. Ra's, being Ra's, is already aware that his former opponent is alive and, in addition, not responsible for Sara's death. Meanwhile, the man who is responsible, one Malcolm 'The Magician' Merlyn, is busy training Ollie and Thea for the next time they cross paths with the Demon's Head.

The training does seem to be paying off since the Arrow is able to make rather quick work of Nyssa with some trick arrows before he and Dig jet off (thanks, Lyla) to Nanda Parbat to try and rescue Malcolm. Once again, our hero's ego gets him into trouble as he underestimates Ra's but, lucky for him, the leader of the League doesn't want a rematch. He wants a successor. In Starling, Roy does his best to try and comfort Thea with stories of "Seeing Red" but she would rather just come clean. First with Laurel and then with Nyssa, the latter serving as possibly an even bigger cliffhanger than the offer made to Oliver. During the squabbles amongst Team Arrow, the episode also makes mention of Simon Lacroix (aka Komodo), Lian Yu's super-max prison and a suicide mission. It was full of (familiar) references.

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