After taking a night off, Arrow's not just back this week, he's pulling double duty. The first part of the super-hyped CW comic-book crossover, ”Flash vs. Arrow," aired last night and, as the title suggests, it was more of a superhero showdown than a partnership. The Flash still has a lot to learn. Thankfully, Part II, “The Brave and the Bold,” is another opportunity for the Green Hood to teach the Red Streak a few crime-fighting lessons. Oh, and it’s also a venue for even more nods to the DCU...

”About Last Night…”
One of the first things I spotted during the trip to Central City on Tuesday night was a Palmer Technologies sign. That company is really growing. Also growing is the CCPD's belief in and contempt for the Red Menace. Iris finally managed to get Detective Thawne to accept the impossible and then the insufferable boyfriend immediately asks Captain Singh for a task force to take down the Flash. And presumably the rest of the the S.T.A.R. Labs crew.

Team Flash gets a little assistance from Team Arrow this week (kind of essential for a crossover), which is perfect timing since the latter knows a thing or two about being hunted by the police. See Season 1. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity provide the new crime-fighters with more than just advice; they're also able to get the villain-of-the-week's name. Well, Bad-Barry is the villain-of-the-week, but I guess Roy G. Bivolo (or Chroma) deserves some of the credit. Caitlyn calls him the Rainbow Raider, while Cisco prefers Prism. Makes sense, since the show's version kind of combined the two.

Oliver and his bag of tricks eventually turn Bad-Barry good again and then the dynamic duo (sorry) make short work of Bivolo. Several other villains were name-dropped during "Flash Vs. Arrow," including Captain Cold, Deathstroke and the Huntress. Even mirakuru and the island got shout-outs, as did Arrow's super-max prison. The biggest twist, though, came in the coffee shop when Oliver ran into the girl he cheated on Laurel with, and we find out that she decided to keep the child. That, or Ronnie re-appearing and bursting into flames. That was good, too.

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