I expressed some concern over Sally's story in Being Human this season, and while I'm still not sure I love live-Sally, last night's episode certainly took an interesting turn for her. Being alive but in communication with the spirit world definitely gives her an interesting perspective on ghosts. And it's one that could prove to be especially useful and interesting if and when she ever returns to being a ghost, which I'm convinced is only a matter of time.

Right now, we have two of the three core Being Human characters actually being human, which may fit the title of the show, but it veers away from the premise of the series. So I feel certain it's just a matter of time before Sally retreats to the ghost world again (my guess is it'll be of her own choosing and in an effort to save the souls of people who died because they came in contact with her) and Josh becomes a werewolf again, maybe of his own choosing. With him, perhaps it'll be a need to be there for Nora or protect her. Kind of like how Superman gave up his super-ness in Superman II but then took it back to save everyone from Zod. And there's even a great tie-in to that comparison when we consider Sam Huntington once played Jimmy Olsen (different Superman, but whatever).

And then there's Aidan, the remaining member of the trio who's still as vampiric as ever, though he's trying to curb his appetite. And that brings us to the preview, which shows him talking to the kid in the bubble, Kenny. Looks like the cat's out of the bag.

So, Kenny knows Aidan's a vampire. And go figure, he wants to be one too. He seems on the young side for immortality. Maybe he should wait until he looks old enough to buy a beer. No one wants to be stuck as a teenager for eternity. Well, maybe some people do, but it's inadvisable.

And then there's Sally, who will come in contact with her brother. Not good. But remember that thing I said about her choosing to become a ghost again? Maybe protecting her brother will lead her to that.

Being Human airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on Syfy.

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