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Happy Being Human Friday! Ok, that's not really a thing, but we did tell you the other day that Syfy would be airing a Being Human Season 3 marathon all day today, and that fans would get their first look at Season 4. Syfy delivered on their promise, as last season's episodes are airing now, and the above video shows us that first look of Season 4. And it's full of blood, nudity and growling!

Normally, we wouldn't be able to do much more than speculate over the snippets of footage featured in the above teaser, but I've actually seen the first eight minutes of the Season 4 premiere and am happy to shed a little bit of light on some of the things glimpsed in the above video.

Consider yourselves spoiler warned going forward!

Following a visit to the set of the series, I shared a brief report on what we saw in the first eight minutes of Season 4. In the above preview, we get a glimpse of Sally and Donna stuck in some spa-like limbo place. It's suggested that they're stuck there and that it's at least partially Sally's doing, though she doesn't seem entirely aware of that. It seems like there might be some sort of cycle happening, where she's enjoying her spa visit and then she realizes things aren't what they seem and reality comes crashing (or in this case dripping) down. That's what is implied during the conversation between Sally and Donna anyway. The video I saw cut out right as Sally's seated by the edge of the pool, just noticing the blood and seeing her zen-space turn into something dark and scary. I don't remember seeing the part where she gets thrown against the bloody wall though, so that may be what happens next.

As for Josh, Aidan and Nora, well, Josh is stuck as a werewolf and Aidan and Nora are desperately trying to trap werewolf Josh and figure out what's going on with him. The running in the woods and Aidan hugging Nora were shown in the video we watched, but not the "Please tell me I didn't just kill my best friend." No idea what that is, but considering we know Aidan and Nora are actively trying to save Josh -- and not Sally, from what I've seen -- I'm going to assume Aidain did something to Josh that might have hurt him or worse.


So that's something to chew on while we wait until January for the series to return!

In the meantime, check out our set visit report here and watch the cast discussing Season 4 in this (very entertaining) panel video below:

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