It was a night of revelations for Josh, Sally and Aidan. “It’s the End of the World As We Knew It” threw a few twists into the mix as the characters came to better understand how they got to be where they are.

While Ray and Bishop may be natural enemies, it would seem they have similar goals in mind. Alright, so Ray wasn’t exactly pursuing world domination but judging by his plans to increase the size of his wolf-pack, it would appear that, like Bishop, he sees the benefits of strength in numbers. While Bishop and Ray’s end-games were being exposed to Josh and Aidan, Sally had a huge breakthrough tonight and a monstrous temper-tantrum to go with it.

“God intended for us to live forever…”

It may be a stretch in the grand scheme of things but on the surface, it’s not hard to see some of the parallels between Catholicism and vampirism, what with the resurrection, blood-drinking and promises of eternal life. While the thought of a vampire priest is fairly disturbing to me, I have to admit, it was interesting to see the topic of religion explored tonight when Aidan found out that a priest in the hospital was turning sick patients.

Said priest, whose name I either didn’t get or wasn’t dropped, revealed to Aidan that he was ordained prior to being turned and had been suffering from lymphoma when a doctor offered him an “alternative treatment”. Father Vampire believes that as a vampire, he’s still saving souls as he was when he was living but in a different way now and from the way he spoke, he seemed to have found a way to twist religion to suit his own personal desires. That’s not entirely a new tactic for justifying bad behavior and it definitely works for the story here.

Aidan’s work at the hospital is a curious thing. We know it gives him access to bagged blood, but it also puts him face to face with his temptation, as evidenced by the hungry expression he wore when seeing a bite-victim’s bloody wound. One would wonder if the easy access to blood is worth the increased internal struggle. Apparently there’s something therapeutic for Aidan in caring for dying patients and witnessing their deaths, as he had no proper death himself. Aidan explained this to the priest but there would be no compromise on either side and the two ended up fighting. Aidan won and de-fanged the priest.

Father Vampire went crying to Bishop and asked him what to do. If there’s one flaw in vampire evolution, it’s that fangs don’t grow back. Bishop assured him the family would take care of him, but we have no idea what that really means.

Speaking of Bishop, he explained to Aidan that the priest was turned not only for his status but also for his family’s money. As vampires live forever, a steady cash flow is necessary, which means looking out for fortune heirs who might make for good vampires. Bishop’s ultimate plan is for vampires to be able to go public. Once they have the numbers and the power, he believes they’ll be able to do just that.

On a related note, there’s a tender side to Bishop that emerged more than once tonight. It’s almost fatherly. He’s by no means soft or a pushover but after he beat up Aidan and later when the priest came to him, he touched both of their faces in an almost loving gesture. I think that’s the thing I love best about Bishop right now. He’s calculating but not entirely cold. Somehow it makes him scarier that way.

“The only difference between you and me is I know what I am, and I accept it.”

Ray wasn’t a great houseguest. He wanders around in a bathrobe that’s way too short, brags about clogging the toilet and eats food right out of the fridge. He also stands on the porch in the tiny robe, clutching a beer in the morning. Between that and the negative influence he had on Josh in such a short amount of time, I can’t say I’m sorry to see him go.

Josh’s turnaround from appreciating Ray to tossing him out of his life was quicker than I would have expected, but after learning that Ray’s Josh’s were-dad, I have no doubt that Ray will be back. What’s more, I’m afraid the man might be right when he said it would be Josh searching for him.

Ray is a great example of what Josh could turn into if he’s not careful. Ray’s lonely and angry and while he hoped he could become a part of Josh’s life, home and new family, it seemed like he was only pulling Josh down into the pit he’s dug for himself. He may be gone (for now) but he already opened the door to a feud with the vampires for Josh, who was keeping his head down and his name and face out of the werewolf/vampire fight until Ray came along.

Even after learning Ray was the man who turned him, Josh didn’t wallow. He returned to Sally and Aidan and cooked them a dinner neither could eat just to have a ritual of normalcy. I’m thinking the next time, he might consider gathering around the TV for The Simpsons on Sunday night or maybe break out the Wii once Sally gets a better grip on being able to touch things. But for now, a group meal where only he eats is certainly a start.

“He’s passionate. That’s what I told myself…”

Sally’s inability to remember how she died seemed like an opening for something creative in the story of how she fell down the stairs and sure enough, she was pushed. After an Amityville Horror plumbing situation from unknown causes later to be revealed, the plumber found Sally’s engagement ring in one of the pipes. With the ring’s return, came Sally’s memory of a fight she had with Danny the night she died.

Sally’s engagement ring had slipped off, which sent Danny into a rage, as he decided that she must be cheating on him. His jealousy caused him to shove her and she fell down the stairs, cracking her head on the tile. So, Danny has a dark side. It’ll be interesting to see if and when that reemerges.

When Sally told Aidan what happened, his initial impulse was to go after Danny and confront him (and maybe show Danny what he looks like when he loses his temper), but she stopped him. She later went to Danny’s apartment and threw a fantastic ghostly temper tantrum, destroying everything in his home and leaving a swirl of disaster, in the center of which, was the engagement ring. While Bridget was clueless as to origins of the mess (despite her being so open to the possibility of Sally communicating to her earlier), Danny looked genuinely scared when he found the ring.

Going back to Josh’s dinner, and looking at what each of the three characters found out tonight, I think it’s a good sign that we saw Josh, Sally and Aidan gathered around the table at the end, instead of out on the staircase together-alone, where they started out. Having each other through what they’re going through may be their saving grace.

Other notable bits:

Josh spending time with a patient on his day off scored him some points with the pretty blonde nurse. She seemed to be impressed or at the very least, surprised by his genuine compassion and intelligence. Possibly even enough to forget the ridiculous pick-up line he used on her in the cafeteria.

Speaking of the blonde nurse, when the recently turned vampire came in ranting and raving, she said something about him possibly being on PCP. Whether it was an intentional reference or not, I couldn’t help but think of Principal Snyder in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and his default excuse about vampires really being gang members on PCP.

Favorite Song: There were a lot of good ones tonight but I think I’m going to have to go with “Aint Misbehavin’,” which played during the opening scene of the episode as Father Vampire and the new vampire shared a meal.

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