These days, it seems like book characters are more popular than ever, with shows like Sherlock, Once Upon a Time and the upcoming NBC series Dracula building stories around classic literary characters. We decided to take a look at some at classic literature to see what other books could be mined for their great characters for the sake of a potentially great TV series, and here’s what we came up with.

(Just for reference, by "classic," we set the maximum year of publication at around 1980. So nothing published after 1980 was in contention when we made our picks.)

Jessica’s pick: The Princess Bride’s Miracle Max and Valerie
While the heroes of William Goldman’s 1976 novel, The Princess Bride, are undeniably Westley and Buttercup, the unsung heroes of the book are Miracle Max and his wife, Valerie, who bring back the potential for true love by drugging our hero back to life so that he can save the day. In a short segment, we get to see a truly wacky team that is quick to harp and berate on one another but still manages to get the job of “miracle man” done. Basically, we catch a quick glimpse at a hysterical medical partnership that could more than support its own TV show.

It would be pretty hard to get a fantasy setting as comical and medieval as The Princess Bride’s Florin across during a half-hour comedy, but I say we give good ol’ Miracle Max and Valerie an hour-long medical procedural in which they travel across the realm to perform miracles. They could diagnose a few “to the pain” injuries, disinfect R.O.U.S. bites, and even bring back a Sicilian or two from the dead. There’s so much room for interpretation when miracles are on the line, and Miracle Max, M.L.T. would never run out of good stories. Plus, some fan favorite Princess Bride characters like Inigo Montoya could always pop into the plot for an episode or five. With the return of some big name actors to television, something tells me that Billy Crystal would be up for donning the make-up and screaming at his witch of a wife again.

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