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The Big Bang Theory May Have New Love Interests For Sheldon And Amy

Sheldon and Amy have been through a lot together on The Big Bang Theory. What once was a great relationship, for certain values of great, is now no more. So after a relationship ends, what comes next? New relationships of course. New people that make you extremely happy, and if they happen to upset your ex, that’s okay too. (Am I reading too much into this?) It looks like both Sheldon and Amy have moved on, and Sheldon is about to start dating a former Top Model while Amy is going to begin to hang with Ricky Gervais best bud.

Actress Analeigh Tipton and comedian Stephen Merchant will be appearing as guest stars on an upcoming episode, according to TV Line, and while CBS isn’t talking about who they’ll be playing, members of the studio audience for Episode 9 of Big Bang's current season are claiming that they’ll both be playing dates for Sheldon and Amy.


Analeigh Tipton got her start on America’s Next Top Model and has actually appeared on Big Bang Theory previously, starring as herself in a storyline related to her former show. Since then, she’s had small roles in various TV and film projects, and is probably best known most recently for her lead in the short-lived sitcom Manhatten Love Story. With an actress who’s a literal model, they could very well be going the “trophy girlfriend” route if Sheldon is just looking to make Amy jealous. Hopefully there’s a little more to it than that. Just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean the character is without a brain.


Stephen Merchant is probably most famous for his work behind the scenes, as he’s been a writer and producer along with his friend Ricky Gervais on several projects, including the British version of The Office and Life’s Too Short. Onscreen, he starred in HBO’s Hello Ladies and was the voice of Wheatley in Portal 2. It’s this last role that we hope has the most influence on his character here. A human version of the bumbling robot core is exactly the type of new boyfriend who would be perfect for Amy.

We look forward to seeing both new characters when they debut later this season. Episode 9 should be hitting CBS in mid-November.

Dirk Libbey
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