How Sheldon Will Respond To The Big Bang Theory Break-Up

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 ended with, well, a bang, finishing out the season with a couple of cliffhangers that left several relationships on the rocks. During the finale, Sheldon and Amy got into what seemed like a pretty innocuous fight, but instead it was a fight that allowed Amy to rethink her feelings regarding Sheldon. She asked for some time off from her boyfriend, but as it turns out, Sheldon is not going to be able to give it to her. Here’s what showrunner Steve Molaro says we can expect from Sheldon when The Big Bang Theory returns for Season 9:

His thought processes can get pretty misguided in that that he thinks, ‘Oh, this will make her jealous and make her like me again,’ but that will only make her furious. He's not good at leaving her alone. The one thing she asked for was a little bit of time to think and he's not going to give that to her.

Honestly, this sounds like the sort of shenanigans The Big Bang Theory would get up to, but what I’m drawn to with this quote is the fact that Amy and Sheldon’s problems don’t seem as if they will have a quick fix. Instead of making up in the Season 9 premiere, it looks as if Sheldon will find himself digging a deeper hole with Amy by not giving her the space and time she blatantly requested. These relationship woes could drag on for a while.

It’s understandable that Sheldon would be upset. Amy totally threw a wrench into Sheldon’s life plan when she broke up with him during the Season 8 finale. It was after she said she needed some time that Sheldon revealed he had already brought a ring, hoping to entice Amy to take their relationship a step further and marry him. So far, only the audience and Sheldon’s Gollum statue know of the character’s intentions, and Molaro also told THR that the characters' responses to finding out Sheldon did take a huge step towards commitment should be pretty “interesting,” although even the behind-the-scenes people on the show don’t know exactly how this plotline is going to play out.

[We won’t change the new dynamic] until the time feels right to change what's happening. Right now, the dynamic has been fascinating and interesting. We're seeing all new colors for both of them as well as the way it impacts the group. There's not a set plan — we're feeling this out along the in same way Amy is.

Amy and Sheldon’s big break-up has been overshadowed a bit in recent months by Penny and Leonard. The two were last left on the road to Las Vegas, and news broke recently that the couple will definitely be getting married during the Season 9 premiere (there are even images). The wedding is likely to overshadow the break-up early on, but as it seems the cracks and fissures created in Amy and Sheldon’s relationship are only going to deepen when he starts popping up unwanted, I do think that plotline could take the forefront quickly.

We’ll find out soon enough. The Big Bang Theory will return to CBS on Monday, September 21 at 8 p.m. ET, before shifting into its regular Thursday night timeslot after football ends. You can find out when the rest of your fall favorites are returning, here.

Jessica Rawden
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