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Big Brother 13 Watch: Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost... A Half Million Dollar Prize

Tonight’s Big Brother had a little bit of everything. In addition to an eviction, we also got instructions on how we can participate in a big (though not entirely surprising) twist, someone dropped an F-bomb on live TV and a new Head of Household was crowned.

A credit to the production person who caught and muting Rachel’s exclamation of what I’m pretty sure was the F-word, which she blurted out angrily upon realizing she buzzed in with the wrong answer. It was not Rachel’s night tonight.

Moving on, it’s fitting that Brendon was eliminated tonight. As far as the great timeline of reality TV goes, he exited Big Brother on the same night that MTV brought back Jersey Shore, which also features a muscular guy with recurring girlfriend drama and frequent bouts of weeping. Truth be told, I actually don’t mind Brendon and I sort of have a soft spot for the guy for how much he loves Rachel. He fell on his sword for his girl and despite what he said, I don’t know that I’d believe Rachel would’ve done the same thing for him.

In terms of dedication and playing as a couple, the differences between Brenchel and Jordeff aren't exactly subtle. I'm sure Jordan and Jeff have (or will have) their disagreements inside the BB house, however from what I can tell, the two of them appear to have their heads in the game and are on more secure footing as far as how they present themselves as a couple. If Brendon and Rachel had one major flaw in terms of the game, it's that they weren't able to see the line between what they are as a couple and what they are as a couple in this game. The fact that Jeff and Jordan didn't flip out when Jordan was nominated, and that Jeff didn't panic or get in people's faces (that we were shown, anyway) this week demonstrates that.

Brendon’s elimination wasn’t entirely eminent. Perhaps the feed-viewers will disagree with me there. I’m not following the live feeds this year, so my perception of this season is based entirely on CBS’ cut-and-edited packaged display of what’s happening inside the BB compound. From what we saw tonight, Shelly and Adam might have been on Brendon’s side at some point, or at least, considering their options. If Rachel had a better attitude and Brendon had managed to find the right words (or as Daniele put it, used his tongue to make deals), perhaps Shelly and Adam would’ve felt it was in their best interest to keep him around.

Porsche made a good point in advising Rachel to check her attitude and remember that making people uncomfortable with her pre-fianceviction grief wasn’t going to help her game. Of course, Rachel huffed and pouted at this, causing Brendon to follow after her and attempt to make her feel better (instead of focusing his time and attention on trying to stay.) And this goes back to how they are as a couple. If Brendon put half the attention on his game that he's put on being there for Rachel, he might have won some more votes. And if Rachel had been able to take a deep breath and swallow her frustration for a few days, maybe she could have helped, or at least, faded quietly into the background while her fiance worked to convince people he wasn't a threat. Instead, he was eliminated in favor of the girl who has previously won a half a million dollars and who's in a relationship with the guy who won $10k this season.

Brendon was evicted, but he could be back as America has the opportunity to vote one evicted houseguests back into the house. Personally, I’ve had enough Brenchel drama for one season, so I’ll take Keith, Cassi or Dominic. Any of the three is fine by me.

Evel Dick was featured on the show tonight, which he used as an opportunity to bash his daughter’s game and remind us all that he’s the better player in the Donato family. In all fairness, he’s right. He also wasn’t wrong to point out that he cast a pretty big shadow over his daughter. This season is likely Daniele’s attempt to prove she can strategize with the best of them. Of course, the show wasn’t on her side when they showed the parallels between her game-relationship with Nick back in Season 8, and her game-relationship with Dominic this season. I couldn’t help but notice that both guy’s names rhyme with her father’s (nick)name.

The HoH competition had the houseguests facing off against each other one-on-one to buzz in and answer questions pertaining to things about the previously evicted houseguests (not including Brendon). Kalia dominated at the competition, buzzing in with the correct answer numerous times and going on to win the HoH. I’m happy to see her win HoH, not only because I think she’s funny (loved her comments about Brendon’s words of encouragement to Rachel during a recent competition this week), but I’m also finding myself pulling for Daniele and her to do well this season. I never would have predicted wanting Daniele to win, but I want to see her make a full comeback from the mess she made of her game.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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