David wasn't the first nominated houseguest to go home during the first week when someone else was "supposed" to go home. It seems to happen every season. The key target ends up avoiding eviction and the person who was supposed to be safe is sent packing. It's a lesson learned for the houseguests who were already starting to map out the next few weeks as though they think they'll have much control over it. Things change in a matter of hours in the Big Brother house. But in the case of Elissa, it's hard to say if things will change enough to save her from eviction this week.

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who won the Veto, whether or not it was used, and who may or may not have been nominated in their place.

Jeremy - who was MVP Elissa's nominee - won the Veto. Unsurprisingly, he took himself off the block, which meant that Elissa had to put someone up in her place. Elissa made a deal with Nick that if he threw the Veto she wouldn't put him up as a replacement nominee. Either Elissa and Helen decided to go back on that deal, or they weren't convinced that he threw the competition because Elissa decided to put Nick up instead of Kaitlin. I think in the end, she thought that Jeremy would push harder for Kaitlin to stay than he might have with Nick, and since Jeremy's not doing much (anything) to conceal his influence over people in the house, that may have played a big factor. Or maybe she just thought that Nick would look like a bigger target and people wouldn't be able to resist getting him out.

The problem is that Elissa is up against people like Aaryn, who want to get her out because they don't like her, they have no chance of benefiting from her MVP status and/or they're convinced they'll never win MVP while she's is in the house. And she's up against the Moving Company alliance (Jeremy, McCrae, Spencer, Howard and Nick), without even knowing it. She probably would have had an easier time targeting Kaitlin, even if Jeremy pushed to keep her here. Going up against someone in the moving company, I don't see how she has any chance to stay, unless there are fractures in the MC that haven't been confirmed. For example, Amanda and McCrae are very close, but would he side with her against the MC? Tomorrow night's episode might give us some clues there, but with the way the episodes are edited, that might not be much help.

Of course, Elissa doesn't know that she nominated a very protected player, and she has some support from people who want to keep her, including Andy, Candice, Helen and Amanda. They're trying to get the votes they need to keep her, but without realizing that there's a rock-solid alliance with most of the guys, they don't realize that individual conversations with MC members is not only a fruitless effort, but it's also regularly leaking conversations into that alliance and through the rest of the house. Everyone is telling everyone everything. The fact that Kaitlin and Aaryn haven't fully caught on that Jeremy is in an outside alliance, considering how much information he brings back to them, makes no sense. Aaryn seems suspicious, but she might not have enough to go on yet. Meanwhile, Candice seemed on the verge of figuring out that there's a guy alliance after David's eviction, but when it comes down to it, I don't think any of them wants to put it together. If Candice and Aaryn had a conversation, this could blow up. But Aaryn doesn't really like Candice so that may never happen.

So the Moving Company is doing well, but If there's one thing that's hurting them - or could hurt them eventually - it's Jeremy's cockiness. He walks around the house like he has the whole place wired. And right now, he kind of does. They're in control. If they wanted Nick to go, he'd go. But they want him to stay and unless everyone else (basically the girls, Andy and Judd) all decided to save Elissa, she's going home. But because MC has people in everyone's ears, I just don't see that happening. So either the girls need a wake-up call that makes them see that the guys are running this house, or they're going to get picked off one by one. Jeremy's at the head of the MC and he's just not winning me over as the love-to-hate cocky character of this season. And while I don't entirely fault the other houseguests for not noticing the MC - they're playing it really cool so far, except for Jeremy - it's not that fun to see them blind to what's happening.

I'd rather Elissa stay, mainly because it's easier to root for the underdog, and even with her MVP status, she's still the underdog. But if she goes, it'll be interesting to see who wins MVP after her.

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