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Spoilers if you haven't seen tonight's live episode of Big Brother yet! The fact that tonight's live episode of Big Brother included a sit-down interview with former Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling and a fluffy segment featuring three different past Big Brother showmances just goes to show how little there was to show us from the post-Veto feeds in terms of actual game play. Aaryn was as good as gone the moment Elissa put Andy up when Amanda used the Veto to save McCrae.

The backlash to that was a bit more of Amanda being annoying and making fun of Elissa, and Aaryn making some fruitless attempts to try to secure some votes. We also saw half the house form the "Exterminators" alliance, which really seems like an alliance of convenience. In fact, I think that alliance was actually secured before the Veto ceremony, when Andy and GinaMarie were both concerned that they might go on the block. An alliance with that many people at this point in the season seems too big to sustain itself beyond a week or so. Then again, it all depends on who wins tonight's HoH.

BB10 winner and BB14 runner-up Dan Gheesling sat with Julie tonight to plug his weekly web-series "Watch with Dan," and talk about the game. I'm pretty much with him all the way on his feelings about Amanda. She's hard to watch, and her behavior is probably more reflective of her personality than it is intentional strategy and game play. She mopes and cries too much when things don't go her way to make her in-your-face antics all that entertaining from a viewers perspective. Villains don't sulk when things don't work out, after all. With that said, Amanda plays the game every week, and she has been playing it from the start, which is a lot more than can be said for a lot of other houseguests this season.

I'm also with Dan in supporting Judd. Not only did Judd come back into the house and manage to stay off the block, but from what I've seen on the feeds, there hasn't been a whole lot of talk of getting him in simply to retaliate against him for getting to come back in again. That might be due in part to how fast he was evicted (second eviction on a double-eviction night), but he seems to have nudged himself back into the fold decently. And he made the wise call to buddy up with Elissa during her HoH week, which doesn't hurt.

I'm also sort of pro-Andy. The Zingbot may have called him a floater, but Andy's been pretty aggressive and sneaky in his floating tactics since the start of the season. I wouldn't hate it if he made it to the final two.

As mentioned, there was a segment on showmances, checking in with Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan, and Dominic and Daniele. Big Brother doesn't have the worst track record for lasting relationships that began as showmances. Maybe McCranda will stand the test of time!

Let's talk about that eviction, because wow. I think Aaryn knew she might have to take some heat for things she said in the house. Earlier today, Andy said he was going to quote the Emancipation Proclamation during his speech (which he kind of did) and Aaryn asked him to please not bring up racism. So it's not like she was oblivious to that issue. But her exit interview with Julie was almost hard to watch. First of all, she exited the house to boos from the crowd, which had to hurt. And then she sat down with Julie, who shook her hand and had her sit down. And then Julie laid into her, though she did it almost gently, easing into the comments before finally getting to what we thought she might do. She quoted some of Aaryn's worst comments back at her and left Aaryn to awkwardly try to explain herself.

Aaryn tried to say something about being southern and that she was joking or that her words weren't meant to be taken seriously, and I think she even managed to get an apology in there before it all ended. My hands were over my face at that point, because that's really the only way I can watch a train wreck. And then it looked like Aaryn was ready to bolt from her chair, understandably so. But the only place she has to go is jury, where she can spend the next few weeks worrying about the rest of the backlash. I don't envy her that, but maybe she can learn from this experience. She's young and still has plenty of time and room to grow, which is hopefully the positive thing that can come out of this.

There were goodbye message, including one from Elissa that was basically "Have fun in jury. Or not." I guess Elissa's not worried about trying to get Aaryn's vote. Amanda said nice things, as did GinaMarie. But none of them voted to keep her in the house. Aaryn left with a unanimous vote, which isn't so out of the ordinary this season.

Tonight's HoH is Easter themed and has the houseguests trying to maneuver eggs through chicken wire. We've seen this kind of competition before. Nimble fingers are required. This competition won't end before the episode does, so we'll post updates once the feeds return! In the meantime, next week is another double eviction, which given the state of this season, may be a mercy.

10:27 p.m. - Feeds are still showing trivia. I haven't seen them come back on at all yet. Will post an update as soon as they do!

10:34 - Feeds back. It looks like GinaMarie has the HoH key around her neck. She's also wearing bunny ears. I'll verify GM's HoH status once I'm 100%

Ok, conversations indicate that GinaMarie did win Head of Household. Spencer and McCrae were just talking in the storage room about trying to work her to get her to go after Elissa. With Aaryn gone, it's hard to say where GM will put her loyalty, but we did see her getting along with Elissa all last week. Then again, that was keeping her off the block, so who knows?

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