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Spoilers if you haven't seen tonight's episode of Big Brother!

So, it seems my hopes and theories that we might see a forced tie and/or a blindside tonight were dashed. It's always hard to tell from the editing what's really going on in the house. The live feeds can really help there in filling in some of the blanks and the diary room sessions fill in even more, but there are some weeks when I still feel like we're not seeing the absolute big picture. With so few people in the house, it's hard to get a good read on where people's loyalties lie and what they're really planning to do.

It's still unclear how much McCrae knows or suspects about the Exterminators, and aside from saying he didn't feel safe, we didn't hear much from him in the DR tonight, which was disappointing. Or maybe I'm just blindly hopeful that he's aware that it's him against the rest of the house and waiting for him to say as much in the DR. At the very least, he didn't slack on the Veto. He won the magnet harness puzzle game, which was hosted by last year's winner, Ian.

It seemed all but certain that Judd would go up in McCrae's place, which might be a hint to GinaMarie that Spencer and Andy are tight. Meanwhile, Judd knew he was in jeopardy of going home, and he took steps to try to ensure that if he stays, he'd be targeting McCrae. While Spencer, GM and Andy seemed baffled that he would do this, the move seemed like a pretty obvious effort to show them that his loyalty is firm. I think at some point on the feeds they actually did question whether or not it was for show but then brushed off that possibility.

The episode didn't show it, but there was at least one conversation between Judd and McCrae after the Veto ceremony that had me thinking McCrae was planning on voting to evict GinaMarie, and that Judd's speech was something McCrae was either in on beforehand or filled in on later. Either way, it seemed like McCrae was playing up his annoyance with Judd. But in the end, McCrae did what most houseguests have been doing all season, he voted with the house. Andy and Spencer wanted Judd out, so McCrae sent him out, which will do nothing to help his game at this point. Forcing a tie probably wouldn't have helped either, but it would've been a move. He's still at the bottom of the list as far as who wants to take who to the Final 2.

I also sort of hoped Andy would vote for GinaMarie to go, thinking he could force it to a tie and make Spencer be the one to send someone packing, but he didn't do anything sneaky this week. Unless we count him avoiding telling Judd outright that he was going. Judd was evicted 2-0 tonight, and he revealed to Julie that he was rooting for GinaMarie to win the game because she's been the most loyal. Going by Judd's behavior in the house, I'm not sure I would have guessed that, which again, just goes to show that it's not always easy to figure out how people are really thinking and what they're planning when they're in the house. And he may just be saying that now because GM was on the block next to him and had nothing to do with his eviction.

The taped eviction episode also revealed the Final 4 HoH competition and winner. It was a Before/After competition and though GinaMarie had a strong lead at the start, it tied up by the end and Andy won the tiebreaker.

So Andy is the next Head of Household, which is essentially just immunity and a spot in the Final 3. He can nominate any two of the three remaining people in the house he wants, but the Veto holds all the power. The houseguests don't always seem to realize that on this show and often get rattled when the HoH makes their noms. Unless the HoH wins the Veto, whoever wins the Veto decides which of the other two goes home. So nominations are pretty much moot, pre-Veto. Of course, if Andy wins the Veto, he can try to use that as leverage to ensure whoever he keeps off the block votes however he wants them to. But if not, the control is out of his hands.

Tomorrow night's episode will presumably show us the nominations, the Veto comp and ceremony and then eviction. The first part of the final Head of Household competition may also begin. That's usually an endurance comp.

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