It's hard to know exactly how to feel about tonight's Big Brother eviction. On one hand, we all saw it coming. And it's the right kind of karma to come around after what went around last week. Big Brother justice isn't often exacted quite so swiftly. The targeted person wins a Veto or strikes a last-minute deal. Something happens to prolong the eventual. And when you play the game like Devin, eviction is eventual. It's inevitable, whether it happens sooner or later, it was impossible to picture him in the final two after last week.

People do come back from bad weeks in the Big Brother game, but Devin would have needed a massive turnaround and complete change of game-play in order to win people over and regain anyone's trust. He needed more than a week to do that and unfortunately for him, he didn't have it. The plan to backdoor Devin went almost too smoothly, with the only minor hiccup being that he was selected to play in the Veto competition and nearly won it. Donny came through though, winning the Veto and using it to save Jocasta, whose reaction to Donny's generosity was intense, to say the least. Was she just so moved that he'd use it on her or did she really think she was ever in any danger of going home?

It wasn't entirely smooth sailing for Caleb, however, as we saw tonight that there was some mild chatter about getting him out at some point this week. Big Brother does tend to tease us on eviction night, setting up an scenario that suggests the tides may be turning. Once in a while, it's the real deal, this week it wasn't. Cody did ponder the idea of getting Caleb out, and a few people expressed interest, for good reason. Caleb's priorities are all out of whack, which make him an unpredictable ally. And considering he's bound to win another endurance competition if given the opportunity, some of his alliance members have cause to be concerned about him, especially as the non-ally numbers continue to dwindle.

Caleb was all about "putting himself up on the block," as a chivalrous gesture to Amber and maybe also to show loyalty to his alliance. What he might not see is that being on the block can have negative repercussions, besides eviction. As evidenced tonight, it causes people to seriously consider evicting you, if only to entertain the option. In the end, the house sent Devin out with a unanimous vote, but people were thinking about getting Caleb out, and the more they do that, the more they might realize it's not such a bad idea.

On the subject of Caleb, the poor guy is getting the worst kind of edit. Every once in a while, there's someone in the Big Brother house that's way more into someone else than that person is with them. And usually they get the hint. Or they don't and it gets awkward. Amber's in a tough spot here, as she seems like a nice person who doesn't want to be mean, but based on what we're seeing in the episodes -- admittedly, I haven't watched much of her on the live feeds to comment on that -- she's warming up to Cody, but not interested in Caleb beyond friendship. And she's trying to be nice about that. But he seems to think he'll win her over.

In the real world, maybe Caleb could win Amber over in time. But in the Big Brother house, where everyone's living together and around each other 24/7, and people are trying to win a half-million dollar prize, dating is complicated and the usual rules don't apply.

Even if you walk around with your shirt unbuttoned... on the live show.


Moving on to other non-game matters, tonight's episode showcased Donny's family. Big Brother changed up the format a bit by having Jeff Schroeder travel to their home and hung out with them, goofing around in true Jeff fashion. As a Jeff fan, I actually like how Big Brother is utilizing him this year, not only with this new friends-and-family segment, but also having him entertain the live feed watchers with interviews and commentary when the feeds are down for extended periods of time. So rather than just fish and Big Brother music, live feed watchers sometimes get Jeff interviews. I wonder if they'll eventually bring back House Calls. I kind of miss the old talk show web series.

Back to the episode, Devin left with a smile, and received a tinfoil heart from Brittany. Despite his terrible social game, I don't think there are many -- if any -- hard feelings toward him, or their probably won't be by the time the finale rolls around.

The Heads of Household competition had the houseguests teamed up and pushing the eggs up the chicken wire. We've seen this competition before in past seasons, except in this case, it was a partner competition. The episode ended before the competition did, so we didn't see who won, but the feeds are back, and if you want to know who one, find that answer here.

Finally, Team America will target a player who's a physical threat. Caleb's the obvious choice there, in terms of how much of a "physical threat" he is, but I wonder how Big Brother will judge that, if Team America targets someone else. Does "physical threat" mean someone who's exceptionally strong? Or just in shape? Someone who's won competitions? Because Donny's won some competitions, including the dice one, which was a bit physical. Obviously Donny wouldn't target himself, and I can't imagine Team America would target one of their own, but I do wonder how this situation is judged.

If you want to know who won the Head of Household, find out after the jump! (LIVE FEED SPOILERS AHEAD...)

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