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Double eviction! (Spoiler alert for those who haven't watched the episode yet!) It's a thrilling, maddening night in the Big Brother house, and this week it caps off a pretty exciting week on the feeds, as a post-Veto blindside shifted to a major house flip, proving that the Head of Household doesn't have all of the power in the house. We saw that last week, when James' preferred target stayed and Clay walked out the door. This week, Shelli didn't survive the night. And then the scramble for the next eviction began.

Big Brother gave us a particularly abridged edit of the events of the week following the Veto ceremony, cutting out the buckets of tears we saw from Vanessa, and James, Meg and Jackie's discussion of evicting Vanessa the night before Vanessa had that conversation with James. It also excluded shirt-gate (Shelli stealing back Clay's shirt that James sometimes wore. More on that and other feed stuff here.) There was no way they were going to be able to cover all of the discussions that were had over the last few days. What it came down to was that the After Dark Crew (Meg/Jackie/James) realized it benefited Becky much more than it benefited them to keep Shelli around. None of them particularly like Vanessa, but they saw other targets between themselves and Vanessa, whereas Shelli might come straight for them if she stayed and won Head of Household.

Steve and Johnny Mac were technically supposed to be the swing votes this week, as people expected Austin and the twins to side with Vanessa, while the ADC would try to keep Shelli. But when the ADC (led by James) threw the possibility of evicting Shelli at Austwins, the flip was on. And with six votes supporting Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Steve's votes became irrelevant, as was Becky's option to tie-break if it came down to it. It wasn't entirely a sure thing, especially when Becki found out, and then when Shelli found out, and both tried to turn the tides, but they never managed to get enough traction to flop the flip. Shelli was evicted unanimously and left the house with hugs and smiles.

Maybe Shelli was just being gracious. Or maybe she knows there's a chance she could come back into the house, so leaving with no hard feelings would ensure a less awkward re-entrance. She wasn't sure how to speak about Vanessa when Julie brought up the subject. From what I saw on the feeds, Vanessa did a lot of hard campaigning, but much of her efforts were targeted at Becky, which indirectly harmed Shelli. Vanessa didn't blow up Shelli's game or reveal major secrets about their alliance, but by shining a light on how much Becki stood to gain and where the alliance lines might be drawn if Shelli stayed, it further convinced the ADC that Shelli's eviction was better for their immediate games. Shelli was a bit more direct in her efforts to turn ADC against Vanessa, but she was probably preaching to the choir there, as they weren't trying to save Vanessa so much as they just wanted the bigger threat out first. And that was Shelli.

Going into the second eviction, the two biggest wildcards for Head of Household were Steve and Johnny Mac, as neither of them have openly demonstrated a strong loyalty to any one player or group. J-Mac might be closest to Becki, but he's also been on good terms with Steve. Steve has had a good relationship with just about everyone, particularly Vanessa, but that was strained this week after he refused her a vote. Beyond knowing those things, it was really hard to predict what either might do with any power during the Double Eviction. So Steve winning Head of Household and Johnny Mac winning Veto ensured what was likely to be the most unpredictable second-half of tonight's episode possible.

Steve, Johnny Mac and Austin made it to the final round of the true/false Head of Household competition. It was Steve who came out on top, and after the commercial break, he nominated Meg and Jackie.

I'm curious to know if anyone got in his ear between the win and the nominations, or if this was all his choice. Did he have a backdoor plan in mind or did he decide that out of everyone in the house, these two were the biggest threats?

The Veto competition was a puzzle-ish comp where the players had to tip a ball down a ramp thing and into three different holes. From the audio, it sounded like Steve had trouble with his. Whether or not there's shenanigans there, who knows right now. We don't know if Steve asked John not to use the Veto, or if he simply refused to tell him who the replacement nominee would be, as J-Mac did mention that he didn't know and therefore didn't want to take the chance of using it. That left Meg and Jackie on the block, with the ADC once again being cut one member.

The house was mostly in agreement that Jackie would go, and all but Becky voted to evict her. During her pre-vote speech, Jackie mentioned something about a miscommunication, and when she was evicted, she told Julie that Steve heard he was her backdoor target, had she won Head of Household. Interestingly enough, Jackie admitted that Austin was her backdoor target. Alas, it never came to be. Or maybe it will, if Jackie comes back into the house and Austin's still around.

It took me a while to warm up to Jackie, and I'm kind of disappointed for her that she went tonight, as she and her group put so much thought into making a choice that would ensure their survival through tonight's Double Eviction. But most of that was about whether Shelli or Vanessa were the bigger threat. I really don't think any of the ADC thought Steve would be their undoing. But as I said, he was kind of one of the wildcards, so there was always the possibility. It'll be interesting to see what kind of aftermath there is with all of this, especially after a new Head of Household is crowned.

And with that, the rest of the house can exhale, having survived the Double Eviction. Who will win the next Head of Household? For all we know, Becki could get it and re-visit her efforts to get Vanessa out. Or maybe one of the twins will finally lock down a win.

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