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Big Brother 10 second place winner Memphis didn’t just walk away from the BB house with a cool $50k. He also won a vintage Camaro, or so he thought. The runner up won the ’69 Camaro during the first official competition of the season and has since spent a good part of the summer hanging out in the BB house, daydreaming about his prize. There was a little snag in the plan though as CBS gave away a car they didn’t own.

TMZ reported the news earlier today stating that “someone else” held the title for the car that was used as a prop (and later, a prize) in the competition. The car was returned to the original owner afterward and CBS and the BB producers didn’t bother to mention this to Memphis. TMZ went on to say that the car had since been repainted and the producers were scrambling to purchase it from the real owner, who slapped a $24,000 price tag on it.

The follow-up on the story is that Memphis decided to take an undisclosed amount of money from CBS in exchange for the car. Vintage cars are nice but with the cost of gas these days, I can’t say I blame him. Plus the maintenance alone would’ve surely eaten up some of his winnings in the long run. Best to just take the money and run (and since he doesn’t have a car, he’ll have to get used to running, anyway).