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CBS released the details on the thirteenth season of Big Brother, which is set to premiere next week. This includes a twist that involves past houseguests returning for this season, information on the eight new houseguests, and some great photos of this year’s house.

Season 13 kicks off a week from today: Thursday, July 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS. The house, which you can view in the photos in the gallery below, is “Venice Beach Loft inspired.” You’ll see in the photos that everything is bright and colorful, which is good considering we’ll be staring at that set on the feeds and in the episode for months.

Double Trouble - This season’s twist involves the return of famous “dynamic duos” from previous seasons. Upon hearing this, I immediately thought of some of my favorite alliances, including Chilltown, Dan/Memphis, and Janelle/Howie. As it was recently reported that Season 6/All-Star contestant Janelle Pierzina is pregnant, that crosses her off the list. Dan Gheesling tweeted this morning, “Heading to get @MemphisGarrett from the airport...it has been a while but we still got it.” Does this mean they’re in for this season? I don’t want to get my hopes up because that tweet came after this season’s information was released and it was my understanding that the houseguests were all sequestered before specifics were released. No idea if that applies to returning houseguests from previous seasons.

The other reason I’m not getting my hopes up is because CBS has a poll on their Big Brother site asking fans to vote for which team they think will return for Season 13. Dan and Memphis aren’t on it. Of those who are, Jeff/Jordan and Will/Boogie are the only two teams I’d like to see return for more. As Dan and Memphis are one of my favorite BB alliances of all time, it'd be fantastic to see how they do in the BB house again (especially if they were to go up against Chilltown). I’d also love it if Britney from last season return.

Below are the new contestants who will be entering the Big Brother house. I’ve also offered a random prediction for each, based on the information they included about themselves in their profiles. I expect to look back at most of them and laugh at how off they were.

Kalia Booker, 30

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa. - Current City: Los Angeles, Calif. – Writer
Kalia’s strategy for winning is, “None. Everybody loves me! I'll be there until the end.” If she’s joking, she may be ok. If she’s serious in thinking being liked is going to get her to the end, she may be in trouble. The best friends, mom/dad-types and all around “liked” houseguests often get the boot. Many don’t even make it to sequester. Being everyone’s friend means when all is said and done, no one feels certain they can count on your vote.

Random Prediction: Liked or not, she'll play a social game and try to link up with the right people from the beginning.

Porsche Briggs, 23

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - Current City: Miami Beach, Fla. - VIP Cocktail Waitress
Porsche says Natalie was her favorite houseguests, which loses major points with me from the start. “I love that she straight up lied to everyone and it worked.” Yes, Natalie lied to people and it got her to the end. If second place is what you’re going for, lie it up and lose to the contestant whose strategy was to be adorable. It’ll be interesting to see how Porsche and Natalie mesh, should Natalie be among the returning houseguests.

Random Prediction - First Head of Household. Second or third eliminated.

Dominic Briones, 25

Hometown: San Mateo, Calif. - Current City: San Mateo, Calif. - College Student
Dominic sounds like a fun, outgoing kind of guy, based on his profile. He’s also a fan of alliances, which could work well for him or it could be his undoing. In his profile, he says, “Together we are strong, apart we fall.” I think that’s true with the right alliance. Other alliances crumble under their own weight. (See: Season 6).

Random prediction: His “fly under the radar” approach won’t last far beyond the first week.

Cassi Colvin, 26

Hometown: Allen, Texas - Current City: Nashville, Tenn. – Model
Another young beauty, Cassie may do well to play up the model thing in the hopes that people underestimate her intelligence. She says she plans to stay neutral but that almost never works.

Random Prediction: - Sparks will fly between her and one of the eligible male houseguest. A possible showmance ensues?

Lawon Exum, 39

Hometown: Urbana, Ill. - Current City: Inglewood, Calif. - Legal File Clerk
Lawon sounds like he could provide some interesting conversation for the feeds. His profile says he likes to travel, “to experience different cities and cultures.” This could be an asset in forming alliances with people. He also likes to exercise, which is always a good thing when it comes to competitions. He sounds like he has a bit of an ego but that’s served previous houseguests just as well as physical expertise has.

Random Prediction: - His “gift of gab” will result in him being involved in a lot of whispered conversations.

Keith Henderson, 32

Hometown: Bolingbrook, Ill. - Current City: Bolingbrook, Ill. - Human Resources Mgr
On paper, Keith looks really good for this game. He’s in Human Resources, which means he knows people, and his profile says he likes to work out, which means he could be good at competitions.

Random Prediction: - He’ll either be voted out during the first few weeks because he’s seen as one of the biggest contenders to win, or he’ll make it to the final four at least.

Shelly Moore, 41

Hometown: Centerville, Ohio - Current City: Prairieville, La. - Outdoors Industry Exec
The resident “old person” is only 41 this season. Shelly’s a mom, which could land her the job as the resident cook/care-give and get her to sequester.

Random Prediction: She’ll lie about her job (she’s an “Outdoors Industry Executive”) in the hopes that people will underestimate her.

Adam Poch, 39

Hometown: East Brunswick, N.J. - Current City: Hoboken, N.J. - Music Inventory Manager
Adam’s among the older contestants. Between that and his pride in having eaten an entire XXL pizza all by himself, I’m thinking physical competitions may present a problem. But, he describes himself as a born leader and friendly. Both traits could serve him well in the Big Brother house.

Random Prediction: The beard comes off - Either as part of some later-round “what are you willing to do to win this Veto” competition, if he lasts that long, or out of boredom and a bet.
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