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This morning, NBC has followed the recent trend of renewing programming well before the end of the TV season. The network is also trying really hard not to be outdone. While CBS and Fox have renewed a few TV shows, NBC has announced the renewal of 5 dramas. Five! So, if you’ve been scanning headlines for news of your favorites, have no fear, The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Grimm and Law & Order: SVU have all been renewed.

Most of this is great news if not the most eventful. The Blacklist is clearly crushing in the ratings, so much so that NBC is moving the series to Thursdays, starting tonight. The show will anchor the Thursday night lineup, hitting the schedule at 9 p.m ET. We’ll have to wait and see if it can be a big competitor against CBS’ Thursday programming, which includes The Big Bang Theory and Mom. If not, doubtless NBC will try another new night, as Red Reddington and co. aren’t going anywhere next TV season. Especially thanks to the massive amounts of money the network brings in by selling the show elsewhere.

Along with The Blacklist, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. were obviously going nowhere, especially now that NBC announced the Chicago franchise might get yet another spinoff. The new show would potentially be called Chicago Medical or Chicago Med and would follow doctors, nurses and more working in a Chicago hospital. Honestly, I personally feel this one should just move forward and NBC should have a “Dick Wolf night” sort of like how ABC has a “Shonda Rhimes” night. Unless the network is secretly planning a Chicago Teachers Union drama, as well. There's only so many hours of primetime.

Law & Order: SVU has been around forever and still does decently in the ratings. Likewise, Grimm has found a ratings niche. Both shows were likely to be renewed, although I have no idea how long the Law & Order spinoff can continue to entice Mariska Hargitay to come back (the only thing that’s still fresh about that show is her salary).

We’re happy for the renewals, but really this brings us to the question: Where is Constantine? We already know the comic-based series did not receive a full 22-episode order and production was shut down, but on the bright side, reportedly NBC thinks Constantine is a great fit to air next to Grimm. Combine that theory with the fact that ratings—while not great—are up from what Dracula was doing a year ago, there is still hope for a renewal. Obviously, NBC hasn’t made the big decision, yet, but John Constantine is not amused.


On a serious note, I don’t blame a network for biding its time when millions of dollars are on the line, yet May seems as if it is forever away. If you’ve been watching Constantine, we totally suggest giving live viewing a shot to increase those numbers a wee bit. In the meantime, at least Mariska Hargitay and James Spader aren’t going anywhere.

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