Breaking Bad Final Season Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston's Car

It's one thing to be spoiled on a few hinty tidbits about an anticipated series, but it's another to learn the full outline of an episode, line for line. There's the chance that fans could be exposed to some major spoilers from Breaking Bad if the script stolen from Bryan Cranston's car makes its way online.

ABC News reports that Cranston reported a theft on March 1, when someone stole his bag containing an iPad and the script for an episode from Breaking Bad's final season. The series is currently on hiatus between the first half and the second of its fifth and final season at AMC. There are just eight episodes remaining in the suspenseful drama, which stars Cranston as Walter White, a former science teacher suffering from terminal cancer, who starts making crystal meth to provide for his family.

ABC News says one of Cranston's employees was contacted by a confidential informant who notified her that they overheard a man at a bar bragging about stealing the iPad and having the script from Breaking Bad. Cops haven't recovered the script, which means it's still out there somewhere and could very well end up getting leaked online, either in part or its entirety. Breaking Bad is arguably one of - if not the - best drama on television right now, and its suspense and unpredictability is a big part of what makes the show so great. While some fans might be so eager to know as much as they can about the upcoming eight episodes that they'd be happy to look at a script from an upcoming episode, there are many of us who don't want to be spoiled beyond the usual teasers, photos and interview tidbits that are shared between now and summer when the series returns. As a member of the latter camp, I'm hoping the script never finds its way online.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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