Breaking Bad Set Video Promises Twists, Turns And An Incredible Series Finale

Non-Spoiler Alert! This set video is a total tease that gives away almost nothing about the final 8 episodes of the series, beyond that stars Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris will be around, which is expected. It doesn't even tell us the date, with a vague "Summer 2013" capping off the video. But if you need a little something to whet your appetite for the amazing AMC drama, here it is.

Bob Odenkirk says, "The Breaking Bad season finale is going to be so incredible," while Bryan Cranston promises twists and turns in the last eight episodes. We would expect nothing less of this series. In fact, I think even if we were to make a list of all the possible scenarios that might play out as the drama draws to a close, we'd probably miss a few big ones and the ones we got right wouldn't hold a candle to, in words, however they actually play out when the episodes air. Or I've set my expectations way too high. Based on what some of the stars say in this set video, big things are coming…

Apparently, there's a "wild scene" with Jesse and Saul. We got a quick glimpse of a scene being filmed in Saul's office, but nothing that gives us enough really speculate on.

As for random predictions, is it a stretch to think that Saul will kill someone at some point during the next eight episodes? Thinking about Breaking Bad takes me to dark places.

As mentioned in the video above, Breaking Bad returns for the second half of its final season this summer.

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