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Breaking Bad poster

Breaking. Bad. August seems so close and yet so far away, doesn't it? AMC's already beginning to tease us that the series' final eight episodes are premiering soon. Well, soonish. We still have two months to go, give or take a week. The new poster seems fitting with that in mind, as it's little more than a green backdrop with some smoke in front of it and the words "All Bad things must come to an end." And by "Bad" they mean good or amazing, most likely. Or they're just blowing smoke.

One of the things that can be said about Breaking Bad - which really can't be said about a lot of dramas - is that not only has the AMC drama been consistently great, but it's only gotten better with each season. While some episodes have been better than others, the show has and remains one of the better dramas on television, which is sort of why its approaching departure is bittersweet. On one hand, TV's losing a great drama. But on the other hand, that's ok, if the show's ready to end. Five seasons isn't a short run, but the show is also leaving while it's hot, and not after it's gone on a bit longer than it should have and outstayed its welcome. Or this is just my optimistic way of trying to cope with the impending conclusion while also gearing up for the last eight episodes.

And since the poster, which comes via TVLine, gives us nothing to go on, beyond the reminder that the series is coming back August 11, let's take a look back at those amazing final moments of the mid-season finale, (spoilers if you aren't caught up!) which showed Hank finally making the connection.

And if you haven't seen it, check out this excellent panel video, which features the cast and Vince Gilligan talking to Conan O'Brien and fans about the series.

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