Breaking Bad's Mark Margolis Joins American Horror Story: Asylum

Coming off of his role as the wheelchair-bound Hector Salamanca on AMC's Breaking Bad, actor Mark Margolis has since joined the production of Darren Aronofsky's Noah, which was in production in Iceland as of August. But it looks like the actor is headed back to the small screen and back to excellently dark cable dramas, as he's been tapped to play a role in FX's American Horror Story.

According to EW, Margolis is set to join American Horror Story: Asylum, playing the recurring role of Sam Goodwin. Beyond that, there are no details about the character. Still, for those of us who loved him in Breaking Bad, or any of the other films and TV shows in which he's appeared (Person of Interest, Black Swan, The Wrestler), this is great news.

In Breaking Bad, Margolis played Hector, a stroke victim who communicating by ringing a bell. What he lacked in words, he made up for in angry stares and determined bell-dinging. His performance earned him a much deserved Emmy nomination this year. Since Breaking Bad, he went on to take a part in Aronofsky's Noah, playing a character named Samyaza. As Margolis has appeared in all of Aronofsky's films, it was fitting that he join the latest, but I'm glad to see his schedule allows him to head back to the small screen and it'll be interesting to see what his role in AHS entails.

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres October 17 on FX.

Kelly West
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