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Brian Austin Green seems to have a thing for cyborgs. He spent two seasons trying to prevent them from destroying humanity in FOX’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronciles. He’s also dated Megan Fox, whom most top scientists agree is actually some sort of synthetic life form. But on this Friday’s new episode of Smallville, he’ll find himself on the other side of the hyperalloy combat chassis as he becomes Metallo.

The cyborg with the kryptonite heart has been sparring with Superman for years in DC Comics, and is making a synchronicitous (and likely intentionally timed) appearance in the direct-to-DVD Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, which hits shelves today on DVD and Blu-ray.

I’m glad the guy’s getting work and all, but you mourning Sarah Connor fans out there might want to skip this clip…it’s just too painful.

The aptly named Green becomes Metallo on this Friday’s episode of Smallville, airing this Friday at 8/7c on The CW.

Clip From Smallville Episode 902, “Metallo”