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It looks as though Isaiah Washington wont be returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ next fall. The fate of Washington’s character was up in the air as of the finale of the third season and fans have been waiting for news on whether or not Washington’s contract would be renewed. Washington received a lot of bad press last fall after he reportedly called T.R. Knight the F-word (not the one that rhymes with duck - the one that rhymes with maggot) and many believed it was only a matter of time before he was written off the show.

Earlier this week, EW.com reported that T.R. Knight’s contract had been renewed and that their sources hinted that Washington would return as a series regular on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ At that time, Washington’s publicist refused to comment. Today, EW reported that a spokesperson at ABC Television Studio confirmed that he will definitely not be returning to the show next fall.

Also reporting this information TVGuide.com’s Michael Ausiello stated in his blog that Washington’s contract has not been picked up for the fourth season. He also went on to say that Washington’s rep, Howard Bragman confirmed this, saying Washington had not been invited back to the show.

When the finale of the third season ended, Washington’s character, Preston Burke called off his wedding with Cristina, took his trumpet and skipped town, leaving fans to wonder whether or not he’d return to Seattle Grace next season. With the scandal last fall, which involved Washington reportedly making homophobic slurs towards fellow ‘Grey’s’ star, T.R. Knight and the fallout that followed, it’s not surprising that the producers decided to cut him loose.

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