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This time last year we were talking about the PETA ad that NBC deemed too racy for TV and thus, cut it from airing during the Super Bowl. This years controversial ad isn’t about vegetarians having good sex, but rather a pro-life themed ad that CBS is set to air in one of the coveted game-break ad-spots during the big game.

According to ABC News, the ad, which is set to feature football player Tim Tebow, has sparked some controversy. No surprise there as the issue of abortion is a pretty sensitive one on both sides for a lot of people in this country. ABC News says a national coalition of women’s groups is calling for CBS not to air the ad.

"This campaign is about holding CBS and the NFL and the other Super Bowl advertisers accountable," said Jehmu Greene, president of the Women's Media Center, "for inserting an exceedingly controversial issue into a place where we all hope Americans will be united, not divided, in terms of watching America's most-watched sporting event."

Apparently, CBS has ensured that the ad will be “appropriate for air” and ABC’s source says that the words “pro-life” and “abortion” won’t appear anywhere in the ad.

As far as what will be in the ad, Tim Tebow, who plays for the Florida Gators, will star in it. His mother’s decision to have him is apparently what inspired him to participate in the Focus on the Family ad. Tebow's mother gave birth to him back in 1987 despite doctors’ advice to terminate the pregnancy. She contracted amoebic dysentery during a missionary trip to the Philippines and the medicines required to treat the illness threatened the health of the unborn baby. She ignored their advice and gave birth to Tim in August. He's since made a name for himself for his talent on the football field, even winning the Heisman trophy (and being the first sophomore in history to do it.)

Focus on the Family says the theme of the ad is “Celebrate family, celebrate life.”

What do you think? Would you rather not see political-themed commercials airing during the super bowl? Or do you think CBS is making a good move in going forward with the ad, which most likely cost this organization a pretty penny?

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