CBS’ Survivor series is a well-oiled machine. It is the longest running reality program on television, and the show, now in its 23rd cycle, is still the 2nd highest watched reality program in the 18-49 demographic. Survivor may not have won as many Emmy’s as CBS network rival The Amazing Race, but it is certainly doing quite well. Which is why it's really no surprise the series would get renewed for a few more seasons.

With Season 23 well underway, news of some extra seasons comes none too soon. Deadline reported today Survivor has been renewed for Season 25, as well as Season 26. Host Jeff Probst, who is actually responsible for taking home four of those Survivor Emmy wins, will be back for both.

Season 24 was suspiciously absent from the last paragraph, but only because plans for Season 24 have been well underway for a while. The debut episode for the first 2012 cycle is currently set for February 15. I don’t know what’s more genius: finding a way to keep a show relevant for more than twenty seasons or continuing to do two cycles a year. It’s hard to criticize the later seasons of a show that gave so much to audiences early on, although I’m not certain a moment on Survivor will ever top the newness or rawness of the snake vs. rat speech leading to Richard Hatch’s win in Season 1.

Cinema Blend will keep you posted on when Season 25 and 26 will air. Currently, Season 23 airs on CBS Wednesday’s at 8 p.m. ET.

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