PBS is great for period dramas and British exports on Sunday nights, and now that we’ve gotten the latest season of Downton Abbey and Sherlock out of our systems, the Public Broadcasting Service has its spring lineup ready and rearing to go. Call the Midwife might be a bit lesser known, but there are plenty of reasons to tune in for the drama beyond the fantastic British accents and lovely period setting. Without further ado, here’s five reasons to tune in for Call the Midwife’s big Season 3 debut, which will bow Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET.

It Doesn’t Shy Away From Hardship
Most shows on television celebrate families and individuals living with plenty of material possessions. However, Call the Midwife takes a grittier look at life in East London in the 1950s. The deprived area of Poplar is faced with many challenges, including lack of access to medical care, a lack in access to the latest technologies and plenty more problems of a social nature. The show follows a slew of young midwives as they help a community recovering from the effects of World War II and attempting to get back on their feet. Many things have changed, but everyday, new babies are being brought into the world.

I’m not saying that shows need to show poverty or even everyday people to be good, but Call the Midwife is great because it strikes a balance between explaining how hardship can affect a community while still managing a warm and outgoing tone. It’s a look at what real life was like during the post-World War II baby boom, including streets still littered with debris and families still suffering postwar effects, but most importantly, it’s a show for women and about women—strong women, stony women, bold women, happy women, tired women, thrifty, godly women, young women, old women, and new mothers. If any of those adjectives have ever applied to you or a loved one, you should give the series a shot.

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