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Catherine Keener has been in the acting game for a long time. Early on, she began with a few television roles in shows like Knightwatch and Ohara, but by the nineties, the lovely brunette was pretty well into the movie game. Over the years, Keener has been approached about doing television, but she has generally turned down television vehicles in favor of the big screen. She must be getting tired of playing roles like the vaguely passive mother in The Lightning Thief, because Keener is headed to television, and you may not believe who she will be doing a show with.

Keener has hooked up with famed Adaptation. screenwriter Charlie Kaufman to put together a brand new comedy series set for HBO. The currently untitled production is being described by Deadline as a comedy following a day in the life of a woman, played by Keener. Different situations throughout the day will be explored and audiences will get to see how those events will affect the main character’s life.

Sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than comedic, but with Kaufman on board as a writer and producer, the show should be able to find the right balance (Even when Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was at its weirdest, there was still something to laugh about). Since Keener and Kaufman are used to working together already due to past projects like Synecdoche, New York and since HBO has put this show on the fast-track, I expect we will be hearing more about this project very soon.

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