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Charlie Sheen is all prepped and ready for his new role in Anger Management, a program based on the 2003 Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson comedy of the same name. While Anger Management will likely land on TBS in the U.S., there have been rumors Sheen might have found room in his schedule for a second program, overseas.

The U.K. Independent announced today Sheen is set to appear on the wildly successful reality T.V. show, Celebrity Big Brother. In the past, the U.K. program has gathered celebrities of varying fame including Stephen Baldwin, Coolio, and LaToya Jackson to guest star. The deal Sheen has struck for his work is the pound equivalent of $9.72 million dollars. That isn’t much compared to Sheen’s former Two And A Half Men deal, but it’s a hell of a lot when you consider the amount of work the man has accomplished in the last few months.

With his wild antics and comments lacking in brevity and sense, Sheen really would be a great fit for Celebrity Big Brother. I’d put money down he’d be the Puck of his season. Unfortunately, according to THR, the deal is entirely a hoax. They debunked the rumor in a matter of hours, so Sheen either changed his mind in record time or the rumor was nothing more than fluffy conversation. It’s too bad—how the mighty have fallen is always a sad, but so easily digestive reality T.V. theme. Although there may be no Sheen on Celebrity Big Brother, something tells me the uncomplimentary madman isn’t quite finished making poor headlines, yet.