Check Out This Epic Mash-up of Sherlock Clips And The Friends Theme Song

If you’ve been looking for a good time waster on this long Monday, we have just the ticket, especially if you are a fan of the BBC’s Sherlock, which airs on PBS in the U.S. and has recently been given a Season 3 premiere date. Sherlock will be returning to the schedule on January 19, but in the meantime you can enjoy this most excellent mash-up of the Friends theme song and clips from the first couple of seasons of Sherlock.

The clip does give us a reminder of the key players in the series, which should be helpful to many, considering it has been nearly two years since the show last aired. Couple that with the fact that Sherlock only airs three episodes a season, and it’s easy to forget friendly faces like Molly Hooper. It’s apparently even been easy to forget the wild faces Jim Moriarty makes in the series, as I had totally forgotten how over-the-top and giddily maniacal the character is until I caught this video. As much as I love Friends, watching the video while that annoying Rembrandts song plays just makes me itchy for new episodes of Sherlock rather than nostalgic for NBC’s former sitcom.

Sherlock is finally gearing up to air its third season, which will also stick with the three-episode format. Early reports indicate that the titles for the new episodes are ”The Empty Hearse”, ”The Sign of Three”, and ”His Last Vow”, although I am unfortunately not enough of a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle aficionado to be able to tell you what stories might serve as an inspiration for the Season 3 episodes. What will hopefully happen in the new season is that fans will finally get the true perspective on how Holmes managed to evade death at the end of the Season 2 episode, “The Reichenbach Fall.”

There should be a lot going on in the new season, but luckily each of the episodes will continue to be 90-minutes long to make certain that the mysteries will be complex and will keep viewers guessing. We don’t know much about the new episodes, yet, but PBS has put together a teaser for the series, which gives us a first look at the new episodes (although it still doesn’t tell us much). Check it out

We've been talking about new episodes of Sherlock for quite some time. Although the show doesn’t hit the schedule until 2014, at least the new season finally feels like a tangible reality rather than a hopeful wish. Season 3 will also air opposite Downton Abbey on Sunday nights, which should be a nice touch for fans of both British dramas. Season 4 of Downton Abbey will hit the schedule on January 5, while Season 3 of Sherlock will begin airing on January 19 at 10 p.m. ET.

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