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While it used to be the late night talk shows where you could find all the drama fit to print in a tell-all book, the morning TV scene is definitely no stranger to controversial situations. The latest, of course, is happening over at ABC’s currently titled Live! with Kelly and Michael, but there’s some good news to be had today, as Michael Strahan’s first temporary replacement has been named. It’s Jimmy Kimmel.


In a move that will connect late night and morning programming, Jimmy Kimmel is set to take a seat in a still-warm chair on May 16, three days after Michael Strahan is exiting the show earlier than previously expected. It’s not clear if this appearance will be Kimmel’s only one, or if the show will give its short-time co-hosts several episodes worth of space to fill. Considering Kimmel’s own show is also on ABC and presumably tapes not too far away from the Live! stage, a lengthier gig probably wouldn’t be too much of a hassle for Kimmel to deal with. Does one “deal with” appearing on TV in front of millions of people?

No other guest hosts have been announced, according to TVLine, but several names have been thrown around recently. Those names include newsman Anderson Cooper, Bravo host Andy Cohen, crooner Josh Groban and Late Night host Seth Meyers. Three of them work for different networks, though Groban did guest star on ABC’s The Muppets, but these are current favorites because they were all former guest hosts whenever Regis Philbin left the show. Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos could also stop by for an episode or two.

The hunt is also on for a more permanent co-host, of course, but it’s not like they can just put the show on hiatus while that hunt is happening. I mean, that could happen, but it will be a lot better for everyone involved if everything goes forward as normally as possible. Hard to predict just who will get the gig, though, considering Michael Strahan was a baffling choice when he got hired.

Things could definitely use some normalizing after the hectic weeks that have recently passed. It all started when Strahan announced he’d be leaving Live! to head over to Good Morning America, which took Kelly Ripa completely by surprise, and she didn’t like it one bit. There were a couple of episodes where Strahan was paired with guest hosts, and things were still awkward when she returned. Though they’ve kept up the positivity in the meantime, Ripa and Strahan’s partnership is still being criticized and that will likely continue until each is comfortable with the post-Live! With Kelly and Michael future.

Will Kimmel have what it takes to fill Strahan’s shoes? Find out in less than two weeks on Live! With Kelly and Michael, which airs each morning on ABC.

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