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Check Out The New Poster For Disney's Star Wars Rebels

I don’t know much about the Star Wars Rebels project, beyond the fact that Disney has set up the new show to replace Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and I’m not going to be at New York Comic-Con tomorrow where a big panel has been set up to explain more about the animated series that is headed to the Disney Channel sometime in the future. However, I am excited to share the poster that EW presented on Friday, a poster that gives us a first look at Star Wars Rebels and three gloomy looking Storm Troopers presented in the style of a Soviet era poster.

That’s not Russian at the top of the poster, however. It’s actually Aurebesh, the written form of Basic, a widely-used language in the galaxy. I can’t read Aurebesh, or Russian for that matter, so again, I am wildly unhelpful when it comes to what the poster says. What we do know about the series is that the Disney Channel plans to begin airing the animated program in the fall of 2014 and it will be set in the time period between the prequel and the original trilogy of movies. Additionally, earlier this week, Star Wars Rebels released the first teaser trailer for the program, which premiered on Disney XD.

Obviously, there’s not a lot of actual animation in this teaser, which makes sense, thanks to the Star Wars Rebels' one-hour special not hitting the schedule for around another year. It also makes the new poster for the series that much more special, since it gives us an actual image to associate with the new program. This isn’t the first time Disney has unveiled art related to Star Wars Rebels , however. When the project was first announced this past summer, some concept art was also introduced.

Still, clearly there isn’t much that we know about the project, yet, but I bet if you tune in to tomorrow’s Comic-Con panel, which will be held on Saturday, October 12, at 2:45 on the Empire Stage, quite a bit more will be revealed. Plus, there are plenty of other LucasFilm and Disney collaborations in the works at the moment, including the much discussed Star Wars Episode VII, which J.J. Abrams is set to direct and which George Lucas has been rather obsessive about. You can read more about that project, here.

Jessica Rawden

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