Check Out Ralph Steadman's Incredible Breaking Bad Artwork

Breaking Bad is already available in a slew of Blu-ray, DVD and Digital editions, including the epic complete series barrel set. However, nothing beats the set of brand new, limited edition steelbooks of the series that are hitting the market featuring brand new artwork from Ralph Steadman.

Here’s how the artwork turned out.


Steadman has had a prolific career, although he’s most famous for creating drawings to correspond with Hunter S. Thompson’s work. For the Breaking Bad box art, he recently told Pissed Off Geek that he watched the whole series in two weeks and was inspired to create drawings related to the series. He also mentioned his Walter White represents “an intensely honourable family man who during the course of the story, became indelibly corrupted.”

Here’s how the drawing looks, encased in the set and featuring the signature green logo AMC used throughout the show’s run. I am also really intrigued by the colored sky on the Walter White box, which Steadman says is a nod at both the desert sky and crystal meth, noting, “An irony in the subject of crystal meth is how beautifully it resembles the desert sky.”


The sets are available through U.K. site Zavvi (opens in new tab) who has the exclusive rights to sell the discs, which are available for a pre-order cost of £19.99. While most TV Blend readers live elsewhere, and may not have the ability to play the Blu-ray sets, we can guarantee you will be incredibly jealous of the nicely drawn sets.

Walter White’s not the only character who gets a nod on the covers of the Breaking Bad limited edition Blu-ray steelbooks. Walt’s brother-in-law, Hank, his partner in crime Jesse and his lawyer Saul (star of the upcoming series Better Call Saul) also get beautifully illustrated covers. The final two go to Gus and Mike. I’m a little bummed out neither Marie nor Skylar got their own Steadman nods, but otherwise I can’t complain about the flipping cool art. A couple of the Blu-ray sets have already sold out at the site, so if you have a mind to purchase one, I would suggest doing it sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, if you’d like to take a look at some more of the drawings, as well as the rest of the box art, check out the gallery, below.

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