Chevy Chase Reportedly Drops N-Bomb On Community Set, Apologizes To Cast And Crew

Community might be one of the more clever and interesting comedies on network television, but sadly, over the past year or so, more time has been spent discussing cancellation rumors, feuds and off camera drama than hilarious and well-executed episodes. Yesterday afternoon, that drama reared its ugly head again after comedian Chevy Chase allegedly dropped the n-bomb on the set.

No one is accusing the actor of directing the slander toward any African American cast or crewmember, but the two separate versions of the story going around do tell the story a bit differently. The first, as argued by TV Line, claims Chase was “struggling with his character’s dialogue” when he got frustrated and dropped the n-bomb. The second, as argued by TMZ, claims Chase got so mad about the bigoted line he was given that he asked why his character didn’t just say the word “nigger”.

You would like to think Chase was arguing against the bigotry of his character when he allegedly said the word in question, as opposed to just in the heat of frustration, but regardless, it probably wasn’t the best call to make. He supposedly gathered the cast and crew after it happened and apologized for what was said. That probably should be the end of the situation, but considering Community seems to feed off drama, you never know how many times it might come up.

Here’s to hoping the next thing any of us reads about Community is a glowing review of the season’s first episode.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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