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As though we needed any more reason to look forward to the return of Homeland for its second season, Showtime releases this excellent new trailer for Season 2, which takes an unusual approach with its music and left me with chills down my arms in its final moments. Watch it now!

Without further introduction, here's the trailer, hot off the youtube, which gives us numerous glimpses of Season 2, which premieres September 30 on Showtime.


Going with "Every Breath You Take" isn't all that surprising, but choosing a children's choir-sung cover definitely worked in a sort of intentionally misleading sort of way. I especially like how the song starts off slow and sort of pretty, as though it's a love song and not a stalker anthem. The tone contradicts the image of the burning flag and seeing Damien Lewis' character Nicholas Brody being watched. We also see him kissing his wife, which seems like a loving moment, though we all know he's hiding something very dark from her. Then the song picks up its pace and things grow more intense, with Brody washing blood off of himself and Claire Danes' Carrie out somewhere crying. We also see her taking pills, which suggests that her mental issues haven't gone away. And Mandy Patinkin's Saul looking stressed out. And it all ends with Carrie, standing on Brody's doorstep, smiling at him. Chills.

On a side-note, the door Brody opens has a number on it. Is that an apartment? Does this mean he's not living at home anymore? (Could be a hotel, I guess). Interesting.

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