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Chris Colfer is not leaving Glee. Despite a Twitter announcement to the contrary, Colfer's manager confirmed that Colfer will be back on Glee for the final season, and that that his Twitter is believed to have been hacked. The Tweet that went out on Chris Colfer's verified Twitter account stated that he had been "let go" from the series due to personal issues, and promising more information to come.

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Prior to THR's update on the situation, which states that Colfer's manager has assured them that his Twitter was hacked and he is not leaving Glee, the Tweet came as a pretty big surprise (with thousands of retweets and "favorites" ensuing) considering that Glee is headed into its sixth and final season at Fox. TMZ added their own update, which notes that they believe Colfer's Twitter was hacked and that the star is on a flight coming back from London and is without wifi access.

Chris Colfer plays lead character Kurt Hummel in the musical dramedy. Kurt was introduced in the pilot episode of Glee and has remained one of the primary characters through Season 5. When Colfer's character graduated from William McKinley High School, along with some of the other leads, he relocated to New York City with Lea Michele's Rachel. Kurt's arc has also involved an ongoing romance with Darren Criss' character Blaine. The two characters are technically engaged, though their relationship was left in slightly rocky territory at the end of Season 5. It would've been a very big twist to have Kurt suddenly disappear from the series without resolving that.

The Tweet certainly had the desired effect, assuming the mentioned hacker intended to get people all worked up over some perceived controversy, as it left the situation "personal" but vague enough to cause us all to speculate over what might have happened to result in Colfer's sudden and unexpected departure from the series. Colfer's exit wouldn't have been the first recent bit of drama surrounding the series, as there was a bit of uncertainty as to the fate of Naya Rivera's role on Glee. The actor who plays Santana in the series was rumored to have been fired nearing the end of Season 5, though that was later denied.

If there are any additional updates on the situation, we'll keep you posted, but for now it sounds like the matter is resolved... assuming Colfer has regained control of his Twitter.

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