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If ever there was a television personality capable of standing before a totally-busted criminal and manage to interview them with a straight face, it has to be Chris Hansen. Known by many for his work in hosting the cancelled Dateline NBC series To Catch a Predator, Hansen’s new gig has him participating in investigations in Las Vegas and interviewing the criminals post-arrest.

Set to premiere on Dateline NBC on Monday, June 15th at 10 PM/ET, Vegas Undercover will follow Hansen as he visits the darker corners of Vegas to watch police catch pimps, car thieves, counterfeiters and other criminals. Hansen spent nearly a year working undercover with the Las Vegas Metropolitan P.D. and was granted exclusive access to certain specialized units that work in specific areas of crime. This includes the “Pimp Investigation Team,” in which Hansen got to watch an undercover cop pretend to be a new prostitute in an effort to lure in a prospective pimp. Hansen also got to work with the “Viper Squad,” which sets up “bait cars” that are left on the street to be stolen.

Once the cops nab the criminals, Hansen got a chance to sit with them and talk to them about their crime. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the infamous To Catch A Predator kitchen-island for these interviews in Vegas Undercover but given Hansen’s known reputation for keeping his cool despite standing opposite a nervous and exposed alleged criminal, I’m sure we can expect some of the same from him in V.U..