Christian Slater's New Hacker Show Mr. Robot Is Headed To Series

Hacking is a pretty hot button topic right now, thanks to all of the news featuring the Sony hacks and the release of the now-defunct flick The Interview. Apparently, USA is ready to jump onto that hacking bandwagon via a brand new series about the topic. This week, the network announced that it has signed on for a hacking drama that will oddly be called Mr. Robot. It’ll star none other than former heartthrob Christian Slater.

Mr. Robot is expected to follow a young hacker named Elliot, who will be played by 24’s Rami Malek. Elliot has major social problems, but he will be handy with a computer, and in the series will end up using his hacking skills for good rather than evil, protecting the individuals he cares about. However, eventually he will be contacted by the titular Mr. Robot (Slater), who will introduce him to an underground group of hackers with more sinister intentions.

Slater’s had a rough go in recent years. His last series was the short-lived Mind Games, which failed after just a few short episodes. Prior to that an ABC pilot, Influence, failed to move forward. His most recent TV endeavor happens to be Breaking In, a Fox comedy that was canceled at the end of its first season before subsequently being picked up for Season 2 (at the end of the second season, it was also canceled). Slater’s still in pretty high demand, at least in the TV realm, but if he couldn't make a TV show with Steve Zahn work, I have no idea what will. Still, Mr. Robot definitely has a timely premise, which should help the drama.

At the very least, USA seems to be pretty stoked about the drama. Earlier this year, the network announced five projects that were in the works. Among these was Stanistan, the brand new pilot set to star Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter, Colony headlining Lost’s Josh Holloway and The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies, Evil Men and Queen of The South. You would think Stanistan and The Colony would be pretty high-profile projects, but Mr. Robot has been the first series pickup from the five, so I’m assuming there’s something pretty special there.

The series comes from True Detective executive producer Steve Golin, so that may have helped. Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton will also executive produce. Ten episodes will be produced for Season 1. Currently, USA is staying mum on when Mr. Robot will premiere.

We’ll keep you posted as Mr. Robot and—hopefully—a few of the other new USA Network projects will begin moving forward.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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