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Homeland spoilers ahead!

While Homeland saw part of its fanbase turn from rabid to reviling during Season 3, Showtime just released a Season 4 trailer that should put a cork in anyone who wanted this series to leave it’s more soapy storylines behind. The network also announced that Homeland will return to Showtime on Sunday, October 5. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is finally back in her element, just when I was starting to wonder if her element was only “being in denial of everything and everyone.”

In Season 4, Carrie heads to the Middle East to try and keep things calm in the days after the U.S. has pulled its military forces out of Afghanistan. This season will largely take place in those overseas settings, with Carrie back on the front lines that she’d been yearning to get back to for years. This presumably means we’ll get to spend less time with good ol' Saul (Mandy Patinkin), but it looks like Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) will be in Carrie’s neck of the woods, wondering what the hell her problem is. Buddy, she’s got tons!

For one, she’s mentally fragile, and not for a single second should anyone assume she’ll ever be on her best behavior, simply because she’s in a foreign land where she’s not exactly a beloved presence. Tack on huge public explosions and burial sites, and Carrie just might snap harder than we’ve ever seen. And she snapped pretty hard when Brody died.

Speaking of Brody, one of the bigger mysteries going into Season 4 is: where the hell is their kid? While this trailer doesn’t go into specifics, we are treated to at least an image of the little cutie on Carrie’s nightstand.


Showtime announced the premiere date and unveiled the trailer and some key art for the show at this year’s Television Critics Association press event. According to EW, stars Danes and Patinkin weren’t there, but sent in a video where they promised that showrunner Alex Gansa “has promised to only kill most of your favorite characters this season.” I’d be perfectly fine if they just randomly showed audiences that Chris Brody was killed, probably from a TV falling on his big dumb head. Check out the striking new poster below.


Will you guys be watching the Emmy-winning Homeland when it returns on October 5?

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