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If you noticed an unexpected re-run of The Colbert Report last night, it wasn't your cable company messing with you or some kind of weird time-travel mishap. The show has unexpectedly suspended production for the next two nights, with no explanation of the cause for the break. Audience members who bought tickets for the taping were sent an e-mail that cited "unforeseen circumstances" and cancelled their tickets, according to comedy website Third Beat.

If you remember the shows Colbert has taped when sick with the flu or with a broken wrist, you know they don't cancel tapings for any ordinary reason. The Daily Show similarly soldiers on no matter what, but has suspended production at the last minute twice, once when Jon Stewart's child was born and, as The AV Club points out, once after a former intern committed suicide. It's unclear if it's happy or sad reasons that caused the Colbert delay, but the fact that it's only a two-day delay should indicate that things will get back to normal fairly soon. It's pretty miraculous that both The Daily Show and Colbert record as frequently and consistently as they do, so it's hard to begrudge them this break-- especially since it seems to be a pretty major event that caused the halt.

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