If you’re going to make a comedy about a rock band, having a comedian and a rock star on hand would certainly be a good place to start. FX has both for the half-hour comedy series they’re developing.

According to Deadline, the cable channel is developing a comedy series created by and starring comedian Dana Gould. The project is also set to be executive produced by Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl.

?The comedy will center on a rock band that’s close to hitting it big, but also close to breaking up. The band turns to professional help in an effort to keep from collapsing, which puts them in the path of a “misanthropic couple’s therapist from Agoura on the brink of divorce.”

Deadline says Gould approached Grohl about the project. Given Grohl’s reputation for having a great sense of humor and friendships with various comedians, this seems like a perfect fit for him. He’s a talented musician, to say the least, with plenty of experience with rock bands, having been the lead vocalist and guitarist for The Foo Fighters since 1994, and the drummer for Nirvana and a band called Scream, before that.

?On a somewhat related note, while this project sounds like it could be a lot of fun and an interesting fit for FX’s growing comedy line-up, the band-goes-to-couples-therapy thing sounds a little bit close to the premise of USA’s upcoming new series Common Law, which follows two cops who are partners and go to couples therapy to sort out their differences so they can continue to work together. The couples therapy thing is the main common thread here, but the rock element, added to the half-hour format could differentiate this show from USA’s, assuming FX ends up moving forward with it beyond the early stages of development. ?

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