ABC’s Once Upon A Time has no qualms about introducing new characters. Given its setting and subject matter, the vehicle is perfect for having fun and exploring, and if today’s Comic Con Panel was any indication, fans will be in for a wild ride next season.

In addition to the previously announced Mulan and Sleeping Beauty, Once Upon A Time will also begin featuring my favorite Disney villain of all-time Captain Hook in coming episodes. The terrifying and awesome addition was teased throughout the panel and finally confirmed in a surprise clip played at the end. Considering executive producer Edward Kitsis cited Peter Pan as his favorite fairy tale character earlier in the day, the news probably shouldn’t come as a shock, but still, more James Hook is always a good thing.

In addition to the big Captain Hook announcement, the cast members also let fans know the identity of Henry’s father will be revealed in coming episodes. Enthusiasts have long taken to the Internet to speculate wildly on the paternity question, but unfortunately, beyond the fact the reveal is coming, those working on the show refused to even say whether we’ve met his dad yet. Season 2 will also offer answers to the identity of Mr. Whale and what happened to Mr. Gold’s son.

Every Comic Con panel has to have a reveal. Those in attendance have to leave being able to say, “I found out ____”. Beyond that, there are few rules. So, well played, Once Upon A Time, for giving us more than necessary. We appreciate it.

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