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Community Crams For Season 6 With A Series Trailer

Yahoo seriously guys, Community's sixth season is coming soon. We knew that already, but Yahoo has reminded us with the sizzling sizzle reel above. The video clocks in at nearly three minutes and does a wonderful job of reminding us of how great this series was in its five seasons at NBC. What's next? What will Yahoo do with the series once the mechanism has been regenerated for Season 6? We can only guess. And while it's too soon for a teaser of what's to come for the sure-to-be-epic sixth season, it's great to see Yahoo getting into the Greendale spirit.

Community premiered its first season in 2009 and centers on a group of community college students who form a study group. Adventure, action, romance, comedy and a lot of meta-humor ensued on a regular basis from there as these mismatched friends navigated the complex world of higher education and adulthood.

Watching the video jump from one season to the next, it's interesting to see which aspects of each season are highlighted, while also considering the evolution of the series from one season to the next. That includes the exit of Dan Harmon after Season 3, and then Dan Harmon's return for Season 5. Community also saw the departure of Chevy Chase, who played Pierce Hawthorne, and then the semi-exit of Donald Glover, who played Troy Barnes. Glover appeared in part of the fifth season before leaving to spend more time working on his music.

Community never got the ratings it deserved, but where it's going, it doesn't need ratings. And if there's one thing the series does have -- besides a great cast, great writing and some really funny episodes -- it's devoted fans. So when NBC opted not to renew the series for a sixth season, fans were hopeful that Community would be rescued by some other network or streaming video service. In the end, it was Yahoo Screen that picked up the series at the last minute, setting it up to return for an online/streaming Season 6 either later this year or early 2015.

While fans are likely hopeful that the comedy series will pick up without missing a beat, despite its change of venue, we don't know for sure how much Community will change in its new surroundings. When Community had its panel at Comic-Con back in July, Dan Harmon said he's going to try to make the same show, but added that he'd "let the lack of boundaries make themselves felt." We might interpret that to mean, "whatever happens happens," which means Community might find itself taking advantage of no longer having to adhere to the same guidelines as a network TV show, but it doesn't sound like they're going to go out of their way to change the show just to enjoy being able to use the F-word.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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